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Offering conscious, holistic computer and website support, attuned to the business processes of your unique organization.

Blue Lotus Services has left the

transaction based model of delivering services.

In service to my dream of a symbiotic human community where everyone’s needs are met by everyone, I’m now offering all of my services to Solo Entrepreneurs within the Pay What You Can model.  Most services can be delivered long distance via technology.  Please ask if you are not sure.

Solo Entrepreneurs:  If there is a service you desire, please make me an offer based on a combination of how much the service is worth to you and your ability to pay.  No offer is too small, and no one will be denied due to financial inability to pay. This is an offering from my heart with no strings attached.  I will maintain this model as long as it is financially feasible for me to do so. For those with abundant resources, Love offerings over and above customary rates will enable me to provide these services free of charge to those who need them, and are gratefully accepted.

Non-Profit Organizations:  Blue Lotus Services is transitioning to a subscription model.  This will provide an ability to budget and allow all parties to operate more sustainably.

We live in an abundant Universe.  The resources we all need are widely available if we use them cooperatively.  I believe we can share them in such a way that all beings can thrive, and I’m willing to stake my livelihood on it.  Will you join me?

Each project is started with a mindfulness moment, so we can get clear and grounded.  Solutions naturally arise in the space that is created.

Blue Lotus Bhakti has changed its name to
Blue Lotus Services.

In 2008, when I named the business, devotion to service was a huge part of my mission, and in Sanskrit, one of the meanings of Bhakti is devotion.  What I have learned since then is that Bhakti is so very much more than that.  Bhakti is a spiritual path practiced by millions of people, and is one of the Dharmic traditions.  It's meaning cannot be reduced down to a simple word that is used to support a Western, capitalistic motive.  Using the term in this way is causing harm to millions of people.  It changes the way people understand this sacred practice, and erasing the original meaning is harmful to the source culture.  For this, I apologize.

In order to bring my business into alignment with my integrity and my sacred values, on August 8, 2018 I changed the name of my business to reflect what it is I actually do:  Service.  My devotion to quality has not changed, only the name.  Soon there will be a new domain name to go along with the banner change, but either URL will bring you here.  I look forward to serving you with integrity and devotion now, and in the future.  Onward...

Are you a non-profit, small business, or individual who needs computer or website support?  Look no further, and give me a call!

        Rebecca Westbrook (Devī Bhaktānanda)               206.403.7563                    Rebecca@BlueLotus-Services.com

Helping people use technology to better serve their mission in the Greater Seattle Area since 2006.


What People Are Saying

Becky is the best!
"Becky is reliable, responsive and has solved every IT issue we have encountered. She is the most effective IT consultant we have worked with. She really goes the extra miles and actually cares about how IT relates to the success of your business. We have worked with her the last couple of years and highly recommend her."
Maureen Ewing - ED, University Heights Center, Seattle, WA

The Best Most Efficient IT Person in the Area
"Becky is fabulous, especially for small non-profits. She responds quickly, and goes the extra mile to figure things out. She doesn't talk above my knowledge of computers and when I still don't understand she explains until I get it. If I ask her to order computer equipment, she finds the cheapest, yet most efficient models for us. I would be lost without Becky."
Alison Pence - ED, The Food Bank @ St. Mary's, Seattle, WA