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Technology Support

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Blue Lotus Services

is a niche IT firm emphasizing craftsmanship over mindless automation for 35+ years. Our experience in the Information Systems field has put us at the epicenter of the evolution of technology, including the constant reinventions and planned obsolescence just to take your money. We are mindful of your budget and aware of the dangers of adopting the latest technology just because it’s trending.

Each technology solution we recommend is hand-crafted after listening to what’s important to you, how you do business, and what your actual needs are. We will never use Artificial Intelligence to generate a solution for your unique needs.

We are adept at systems design and implementation.

We’ve successfully implemented technology in a broad array of organizations, from multi-national global corporations to one person offices, since before the first personal computer was introduced or networking was a thing. We know the names and scopes of the components often change, but their functionality and the business processes they support do not.

Key strengths include truly understanding our clients and how they do business, identifying systemic gaps and how to fill them before they become problems, scanning the existing environment for ways to gain efficiencies, and identifying weak spots and tweaking processes so they flow better.

We live in an abundant Universe.

The resources we all need are widely available, if we use them wisely and cooperatively. Open Source solutions play an important role in the IT world. Planned obsolescence is not sustainable. We can use available resources in such a way that all beings can thrive, and Blue Lotus Services has built our business model in such a way as to prove that. Will you join us?

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Solo Entrepreneurs:

In service to the vision of a symbiotic human community where everyone’s needs are met by everyone, Blue Lotus Services is now offering all services to Solo Entrepreneurs within the
Pay What You Can Model

If there is a service you desire, please make an offer based on a combination of how much the service is worth to you and your ability to pay. No offer is too small, and no one will be denied due to financial inability to pay. Most services can be delivered long distance via technology. Please ask if you are not sure.

This is a genuine offering with no strings attached. For those with abundant resources, payments over and above customary rates are gratefully accepted. Generous payments will enable fledgling businesses to get a solid foothold with a web presence and online offerings they otherwise couldn't afford.

Non-Profit Organizations:

Blue Lotus Services offers Support Subscriptions that include various numbers of hours to suit any organization at deeply discounted rates. The more hours; the deeper the discount.


This provides guaranteed access plus an ability to budget, which allows all parties to operate more sustainably.

Non-Profits & other Businesses:










Examine It.

Dismantle It.

Through donations via Tech Soup, non-profits have access to a wide array of applications, but how do we know if they helpful or harmful?

We cannot simply adopt new technology blindly, relying on the good faith of vendors, whose only motive is profit.

Even with the best of intentions, studies show bias is implicit in Artificial Intelligence, and further exacerbates the existing problems that stem from systemic oppression.

We have the opportunity to examine these systems and dismantle them by making informed choices.  

If not us, who? If not now, when?

Current & Former


Blue Lotus Services has specialized in supporting non-profits and other small businesses since 2005, after leaving Corporate IT Support in 2004.

Managing projects such as global frame relay roll-outs and server and network upgrades at the corporate level gives a broad as well as detailed view of all the facets that need to work together for a successful project. The individual components may change over time, but the overall arc stays the same.

Given financial and staffing constraints non-profits and other small businesses face, they rely on their vendor to manage every aspect of their project. If something is missed, it can be catastrophic for the organization. Likewise, it can be devastating if money is not invested wisely.

Blue Lotus Services’ clients trust us to take the very best care of them, using their time and money wisely.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Becky is the best! "Becky is reliable, responsive and has solved every IT issue we have encountered. She is the most effective IT consultant we have worked with. She really goes the extra miles and actually cares about how IT relates to the success of your business. We have worked with her the last couple of years and highly recommend her."

Maureen Ewing - ED, University Heights Center, Seattle, WA

The Best Most Efficient IT Person in the Area "Becky is fabulous, especially for small non-profits. She responds quickly, and goes the extra mile to figure things out. She doesn't talk above my knowledge of computers and when I still don't understand she explains until I get it. If I ask her to order computer equipment, she finds the cheapest, yet most efficient models for us. I would be lost without Becky."

Alison Pence - ED, The Food Bank @ St. Mary's, Seattle, WA

No need to look any further for a great IT resource "Becky has been our IT Guru for the past 3 years. She not only helps with the ER fixes, but takes time to keep our system in optimal shape, all why watching out for our Non-Profit budget limitations. She is great to work with, always willing to make time for us and I would recommend her to anyone!"

Laurie Schuster - Hilltop House Retirement Community, Seattle, WA

Thank-You Becky! "I called Becky to help with a graphic design project, and we had it complete in one 2-hour sitting. She designed a flyer that is clear and eye-catching. She is a positive, enthusiastic coach, and a skilled technician. I am really happy with the results we achieved together."

Allison H., Seattle, WA

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