It’s not enough to simply be a disruptor.

There are many disturbing trends in automation today that need to be disrupted. It does no good to be a disruptor, however, if that means just swapping out whoever is sitting at the top of the existing pile of systemic oppression with someone else who will oppress. A better choice is to align our ways of doing business with our values, and remove profit as the ultimate measure of success.

Blue Lotus Services puts Service as the highest goal, and lets profits take care of themselves. Making top notch service affordable and accessible to all, regardless of financial resources, is first and foremost in our business model. Excellence, persistence, and patience are hallmarks of our service. Compassion does not get in the way of excellence, in fact, it drives it.

We believe it’s possible to deliver cutting edge service and eliminate inefficiencies while hand-crafting solutions, paying attention to quality, and examining our projects to determine if they will further strengthen existing systems of oppression or work to dismantle them.

We are honored whenever someone trusts their website, online learning portal, or IT infrastructure needs to us, and we treat your investments as carefully as if they were our own. We temper our excitement over implementing shiny new technology with a healthy dose of skepticism, including asking these key questions:

    • Is this a beneficial paradigm to be perpetuating?
    • Who benefits financially? Socially?
    • How might this technology reinforce systemic bias and oppression?
    • How can we leverage existing assets to achieve our goals?

These are important questions to ask when looking at business processes as well. One of Blue Lotus Services’ strengths comes from being in the Financial Services and Information Technology industries for over 42 years. Scanning the current environment and noticing gaps in processes that can be tweaked to gain efficiencies is second nature. Identifying and overcoming obstacles is like a sport. We thrive on finding inventive ways to achieve our clients’ goals.

All of this is embedded into all projects we undertake. We walk our talk about not putting our profits first. We’ve been known to talk our clients out of investing in time and materials when we see a less expensive and/or non-technical way to achieve their goals.

Another key component of our philosophy is maintaining a healthy balance. We intentionally keep our client load at a manageable level, adding resources when needed, so that we can give the care and attention each of you deserves. And we will never force you into automated interactions with no room for individuality or nuance.

If you resonate with any of this, please reach out. We’d love to partner with you in making a meaningful difference in this world and in your ability to do business. Let’s be disruptors together.

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Victor Westbrook
(Formerly Rebecca Westbrook / Devi Bhaktananda)



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Being in the IT field for over thirty-five years and supporting everyone from single person organizations to global multi-national corporations in their computer needs, I have seen computers and the Internet evolve from day one. I know first hand the challenges that come with implementing new technology into existing business processes. From managing and implementing diverse projects such installing the first local area network infrastructure in a regional East Coast brokerage house, hosting exclusive webservers for Hotwire and Orbitz, relocating a webfarm with no downtime, and engineering the infrastructure and moving a corporate datacenter, I have a rock solid understanding of how people and businesses use their IT infrastructure to produce results. Having a talent for explaining complex technical concepts in non-technical terms, I was tasked with the role of explaining all the projects and their results to upper management. After moving to the non-profit sector in 2005, I’ve been inspired by all the ways organizations use technology to make tangible differences in the lives of their constituents and make positive change in the world.


Providing computer support requires so much more than knowing just the technical side; it requires a comprehensive understanding of the entire process flow in an organization.  Having eight years of roots in the financial side of the house before going into IT provides a solid foundation which is drawn on still. The old adage of “The more things change, the more they stay the same” is truth.


Mini Bio:  After holding titles such as Help Desk Associate, Network Planning Analyst, Senior Network Engineer, and Manager of PC/LAN Operations in various global corporate headquarters in Virginia for decades, Victor (formerly known as Rebecca or Devi Bhaktananda) realized a passion for the non-profit sector in 2005 and started Blue Lotus Services, then called Westbecks, initially in the DC area. In late 2005, they relocated to Seattle, and continued serving small businesses, non-profits, and solo entrepreneurs who are engaged in making this world a better place.


In 2006, they took a full time staff position providing Data Network Consulting and Support at NPower Seattle, which became part of 501 Commons, a non-profit organization which provides a full array of services to other non-profits. After 2 years, they returned to subcontracting for 501 Commons while also consulting for their own clients.


They have supported many of Seattle’s amazing non-profit organizations for over 16 years, and with the transition to their collaborative pricing model in 2017, they have been able to expand to provide more web development and graphic design for solo entrepreneurs such as artists, mystics, and healers.


In addition to their IT business, they curate a Hindu ashram where they teach meditation techniques, rituals, and Sanskrit chanting, and sojourn in India from time to time to study with their teachers. Intersectionally, they have been instrumental in their lineage’s ashram in Andhra Pradesh’s move to a hybrid asynchronous/synchronous online educational platform from an in-person, residential model due the pandemic lockdowns.


While building winter shelters at Standing Rock, ND in late 2016, Devi experienced first hand the universally supportive society they had always dreamt of. That changed everything, and they immediately made it a top priority to work to bring that paradigm to dominance in our society. The welfare of all must come first, and we must transition to a sustainable way of life. Upon returning home, they restructured their business to offer collaborative pricing and became a vocal advocate of the rights of Indigenous Peoples and migrants, speaking out against cultural appropriation and oppression locally in person and online around the globe.


As a passionate life-long learner who is invested in social justice, Devi has found that IT can be the perfect vehicle for change. No matter what you’re up to in the world, or where, technology is a critical part of your mission. Can we work together to make good change?