Rebecca Westbrook

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Blue Lotus Services provides a full range of IT services to small to mid-sized businesses and individuals.  From networking individual devices, to cloud servers, to onsite file and email servers and firewalls, I can install and maintain them all.  Since I have been in the IT field for over thirty years and have supported people in their computer needs in both the corporate and non-profit sectors, I have seen computers and the Internet evolve.  I have a very solid overview of how people and businesses use their IT infrastructure to produce results in their lives and make positive change in the world.  Providing computer support requires so much more than knowing just the technical side, it requires a comprehensive understanding of the entire process flow in an organization.  My eight years in accounting before I went into IT provided a solid foundation which I draw on still.

Mini Bio:  After being a Senior Network Engineer in Corporate America in Virginia for decades, in 2004 I realized a passion for the non-profit sector. From 2004 – 2006, I made my living as an independent computer consultant on both coasts, serving small businesses and non-profits who are engaged in making this world a better place.  In 2006 I took a full time staff position doing data network consulting and support at NPower Seattle, who became part of 501 Commons, a non-profit organization who provides a full array of services to other non-profits.  After 2 years, I resigned my position at NPower Seattle and went back to subcontracting for 501 Commons while also consulting for my own clients.  I have supported many of Seattle’s amazing non-profit organizations over the last 13 years.   My collaborative pricing model is making it possible to do more web development and graphic design for artists, mystics, and healers.

No matter what you’re up to in the world, technology is a critical part of your mission.  I’d love to hear from you.