Website and Graphic Design

Need a new website?

Freshen up your existing website?

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Need a logo?  A flier? CD cover art?

Blue Lotus Services can help!

Our professionals have been providing website development and graphic design since 2005.

We can provide you with a responsive, turn key website that looks good across all devices, or coach you on setting up your own.

We can design and set up the initial website framework and train you how to update it yourself.

We integrate specialized services, such as e-commerce solutions, online booking, members only content, etc.

We specialize in delivering your unique essence in a customized look and feel that doesn't take months to produce.

We help get your message out to your intended audience fast!

We offer our services to Solo Entrepreneurs in the Gift Economy Model, which means you determine the price you pay based on a combination of your means and the value you will receive from our work.

Please call us today to discuss your unique website or graphic arts needs.

Desktop and Network Support

Mobile, Desktop, and Network Support

The professionals at Blue Lotus Bhakti have been installing and supporting the full range of networking services from end to end in small or medium sized offices since the advent of the personal computer in the early 1980s. Networks are made up of interdependent devices, and it takes someone who is experienced in the installation and troubleshooting of the entire network to efficiently tune, troubleshoot, and support your unique network. Our specialty is speedy diagnosis and resolution of problems, getting you back up and running in the least possible amount of time.

Services to Solo Entrepreneurs are being offered in the Gift Economy Model, meaning you choose the price you pay based on a combination of your means and the value you will be receiving from the service.  Market rates are available upon request to use as a guideline.

Subscription Services to Non-Profit Organizations are discounted.

Services included in this offering:

  • Cloud server data migrations
    • Onsite server installations, upgrades, and maintenance
    • Gaming Server installation and support
    • WiFi installations, upgrades, and configuration
    • Internet Security Audits
    • Email migrations
    • Website migrations and DNS
    • Domain name registrations
    • Firewalls installations and programming
    • Scanner/copier/printer installations and networking
    • Upgrading operating systems on servers and workstations
    • Networking Macs and PCs
    • Deploying software automatically from an onsite server
    • Routine maintenance
    • Virus and malware detection software installation, upgrade, and maintenance
    • Network planning
    • Assistive Technology Integration
    • Tutoring and Coaching