Website and Graphic Design

Need a new website?

Freshen up your existing website?

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Need a logo?  A flier? CD cover art?

Blue Lotus Services can help!

Our professionals have been providing website development and graphic design since 2005.

We can provide you with a responsive, turn key website that looks good across all devices, or coach you on setting up your own.

We can design and set up the initial website framework and train you how to update it yourself.

We integrate specialized services, such as e-commerce solutions, online booking, members only content, etc.

We specialize in delivering your unique essence in a customized look and feel that doesn’t take months to produce.

We help get your message out to your intended audience fast!

We offer our services to Solo Entrepreneurs in the Gift Economy Model, which means you determine the price you pay based on a combination of your means and the value you will receive from our work.

Please call us today to discuss your unique website or graphic arts needs.

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